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You are here: Home Examination Office Master Master Examination Regulations 2017

Master Examination Regulations 2017

Essential Changes

  • The prerequisites for advanced modules have been changed and for the most part have been abolished. You can check the prerequisites and changes here.
  • The exam form "term paper" is now available for advanced modules.
  • The study field "Economic Research" will be listed on your final documents (diploma and certificate) if you fulfill the following requirements:
    - you have passed the basic modules "Mathematics for Economists", "Econometrics", "Macroeconomics" und "Microeconomics" on PhD level (marked with "I" or "spec. Economic Research" in the course catalogue)
    - you have passed the advanced modules "Econometrics II", "Macroeconomics II" und "Microeconomics II"
    - you have passed 3 Topics
    - you have passed to more advanced modules in the study field Eocnomic Research.

Transfer of the Master Examination Regulations

If you started the Master program Economics before the Examination Regulations of 2017 became effective you can change the Examination Regulation if you have not yet finished the Program. You can either finish the Master program Economics according to the Examination Regulation 2011 until September 30, 2020 or transfer from the Examination Regulation 2011 to the Examination Regulation 2017.
Please note that this transfer cannot be revoked.

Application for the Examination Regulations Transfer

The application for the transfer of the Examination Regluation can be found here.
Please hand in your application until December 15 for the winter semester and May 15 for the summer semester.

1st Amendment to the Examination Regulations for the Study Program Master in Economics dated September 11, 2018

  • The amendment dated September 11, 2018 revises the transfer of credits procedure for the Master Examination Regulations 2017.

    Individual examinations taken in study programs at other public or state-approved universities, at public or state-approved academies or institutions of higher education, or in study programs at foreign public or state-approved universities will be recognized on application, provided there are no substantial differences between the individual examinations taken and the modules that are to be substituted.
    You have to hand in an application for transfer of credits for each individual credit. If several credits are to be transferred at the same time, your may do so on one form.
    Transfer of credit applications may be handed in each semester. Having registered for an exam, you may not hand in a transfer of credit application for this exam (fixed limitation period).
    If credits are transferred, this will be effected without a grade and with a "passed" remark. A transfer of credits will be shown as such on your Certificate.
  • The (mistakenly published 7.5) credit points for the Research Module were amended to 15 credit points.
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