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Exam Registration

Registering for module exams is possible only once the Admission to the Master Program has been carried out.

Registration and withdrawal may be effected online in BASIS at any time during the published registration and withdrawal period. Registration is impossible or invalid if a prerequisite for participation is not fulfilled.

The current registration deadlines are listed in the schedule to the left under Dates and Times.

All students are obliged to check the relevant registration and withdrawal information and to promptly give notice to the Economics Examination Office of any/all possible discrepancies.

If exam registration cannot be effected by electronic means, all students are obliged to contact the Economics Examination Office within the registration deadline.

Registrations become legally binding by the end of the registration and withdrawal period. Objections cannot be raised after that.

After having effected a registration in BASIS, print out the pdf file "Info über angemeldete Prüfung" and check the status of the registered exam(s)This is the only way you can prove to the Examination Office that you have indeed effected a registration.

Zoom on premise (oral online examinations)

For online oral exams only: If examinees have concerns about data protection or are unsure about their technical requirements for online examinations, it is possible to use university PCs for oral examinations. You can read all the important information here.

Exam Withdrawal

When withdrawing from an exam there is a difference betwee a withdrawal during the withdrawal period (cancellation) and a withdrawal upon expiry of the withdrawal period (e.g. due to illness or some further valid reason).


Students may electronically withdraw their registration for module exams at the latest by one week before the beginning of the relevant exam period without giving any reasons.

Withdrawing from modules whose exams are spread out over the entire semester (e.g. Research Modules) is not possible once the topics have been issued.


Withdrawal Form and Proof of Illness

Whosoever wants to be released from the obligation to participate in an exam once the allotted  withdrawal deadline (see above) has passed due to illness or further valid reasons must substantiate the reasons for the withdrawal or the forfeit promptly and in writing.

Proof of illness is generally furnished by means of a medical certificate. Please note that an original must always be handed in. With immediate effect, a medical certificate attesting to the inability to take part in an exam is sufficient. It is no longer necessary to hand in a certificate containing medical evidence or a diagnosis. Please note that an incapacity certificate (Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung ("gelber Schein")) is insufficient.

The withdrawal can be indicated by means of the following exam withdrawal form and please use the other form to let your physician attest to your inability to take part in the exam. The latter must always be handed in in the original.

Form for an exam withdrawal

Form  to be used by your physician in order to attest to the inability to take part in an exam

If you encounter problems when opening one of our PDF forms it may be due
to the fact that you are opening it in your browser instead of Acrobat. To change
the display behavior, follow the instructions given here:

Attention:  If you do not hand in the exam withdrawal form and/or the other form to let your physician attest to your inability to take part in the exam, you will be asked once (by mail to your postal address BASIS) to supply the missing document(s) within 14 days after being notified. You keep the deadline if the missing document(s) arrive at the Examination Office (Prüfungsamt) during the stated period. You will not receive another reminder. If you hand in the missing document(s) after the deadline, you have to give a reasoned explanation for the delay without prompting. The Examination Committee (Prüfungsausschuss) will then decide on your application while taking into consideration your explanation for missing the deadline.


Withdrawal after the Start of the Exam

As a general rule withdrawal from an exam is not possible if the grades have already been published in BASIS. For a withdrawal from an exam due to illness after the start of the exam and after the exam questions were issued it is necessary, in order to attest to the inability to take part in an exam, to consult a physician or, as the case may be, the medical emergency service on the very same day. In that case, you should notify the Examination Office of your illness promptly on the day of the exam (e.g. by email). If you fail to notify the Examination Office you bear the risk of the grades having been published in the meantime thus making an exam withdrawal impossible.
The withdrawal is to be recorded in the examination record.


You will receive a message in writing on the rejection or the approval of the withdrawal to the (snail-)mail address in BASIS.


Attempt to Deceive,
Offence Against the Order of the Examination

The Examination Committee may declare an exam failed if an examinee has offended against the order of the examination or has tried to influence the outcome of an exam by attempting to deceive or by using unauthorized aids. It is graded fail (5,0). The respective examiner or proctor documents the suspicious facts and seizes the evidence. The examination may be continued under reserve.

An examinee who disturbs the orderly progression of the examination may be barred from continuing the examination after first having been reprimanded by the respective examiner or proctor. The Examination Committee will make the final decision on this issue.

The Master examination may be declared finally failed in case of a repeated or otherwise serious attempt to deceive. The Examination Committee will make the decision on this issue. If the Master examination is declared finally failed this will lead to the exmatriculation in the study program.

Here are the applicable regulations for the order during examinations.

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