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Post-exam review dates

Post-exam review dates

  • Microeconometrics (Eisenhauer)
    Tuesday, September 15, 2020
    The review for Microeconometrics will take place on September,15. If you want to register for the exam review, please use the link:

  • Labor Economics (Eisenhauer)
    Wednesday, August 12, 2020
    Angewandte Mikroökonomik, Lennéstraße 43
    To participate in the inspection, please register under the following link: In this list, book your preferred time slot (only one) for the inspection of the exam. Instead of the name, please enter the matriculation number. The inspection takes place in the garden of the Institute for Applied Microeconomics, Lennéstraße 43. The entrance is from Lennéstraße. Please wait until you are invited to enter. There is a mask obligation. Please bring your own mask. When entering the institute hands must be disinfected. The usual spacing regulations must be observed. In case of non-payment of the above mentioned regulations, an inspection cannot take place


As a rule, students have to go to the exam inspections offered by the lecturers. This is also true if you cannot attend the exam inspection and are offered an alternative inspection date at the relevant department. In case you cannot/could not attend, you may view your exam at the Prüfungsamt (Examination Office) if you offer an explanation as to why you could not attend the regular exam inspection.
Please note that the Examination Office does not have the exam paper with the questions or a sample solution and that questions regarding the exam cannot be answered.

If you cannot attend an exam inspection you may send a proxy. Please find out about how to authorize a proxy at the Examination Office.

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